WordPress Guide – What is the difference between Posts and Pages in WordPress?

WordPress Posts vs Pages

WordPress Guide – What is the difference between Posts and Pages in WordPress?

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WordPress Posts vs Pages

Before you jump on the topic of the difference between WordPress posts vs pages first begin with the simple introduction of WordPress.
WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) or open software where you are allowed to create a free website or build a blog. For general knowledge, there are two different platforms, WordPress.org and WordPress.com which are actually different from each other.
Basically, WordPress comes with the two different types of content creators – Posts and Pages. Most of the people get confused between these content types but they are used in the different places in WordPress.
Let’s start with the basic concept of Posts and Pages in WordPress.


Generally, Posts are news or informational updates that have a published/updated date and is displayed on the blog page. It appears in the reverse chronological order on the blog’s front or home page. Due to their reverse chronological order, your posts are meant to be timely. Posts usually use tags or categories to organize them.



Pages are usually static content – the “About” and “Contact” pages can consider as an example. They do not have categories and tags which means they are hierarchical in nature. So that you can add a child page to your parent and arrange it accordingly. Due to the static nature, Pages aren’t available in RSS feed and timeless.



The Tabulated Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress:-

Posts Pages
It is a dynamic entity. It is a static entity.
Have the categories and tags. Does not have categories and tags.
 Have the author details. Do not have author details.
Posts are available in your RSS feed. Pages aren’t available in your RSS feed.
It provides custom template feature. It does not provide a custom template feature.
Timely and social.  Timeless and aren’t social.
Has the comment section. Does not have the comment section.

Hope above information makes you clear about the difference between WordPress posts and pages.

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