5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins For 2020

Best WordPress Migration Plugins

5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins For 2020

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Best WordPress Migration Plugins

So you are thinking about migrating your website?

Migrating your website is a long and risky process. Hence, you should be calm and careful about performing site migration. With the right plugin, you can easily migrate your website anywhere without any coding skills required. 

In this article, we’ll discuss best WordPress Migration plugin. 

All in one Migration(Free)


All in one Migration is a leading plugin best for migrating your website. It handles moving database, media files, plugins, and themes easily to your new domain. It allows you to migrate your site and cloud store to dropbox, google drive. This plugin also solves the problem of upload size restriction. Additionally, it is fully mobile friendly and compatible with all major operating system. 

  • User-Friendly
  • Bypasses Upload Restrictions
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Automatically Fixes Serialization Problems
  • Unlimited Find and Replace Operations
  • Major Operating System Compatible


Duplicator WordPress migration plugin

Duplicator is fantastic migrating WordPress plugins that lets you migrate, clone your website in zero downtime. It is all in one solution for migrating website. It comes with easy to use wizards that guides you through the entire migration process. Additionally, it helps you to change domain names and replace all old URLs with new one easily. 


  • Intuitive to Use
  • WordPress Installation Not Required
  • Zero Downtime
  • Migrate Website Anywhere
  • Easy Backup 
  • Create Pre-Configured Sites

WP Migration DB(Free)


WP migration DB is another popular migrating plugin for WordPress. It exports website database to your computer and then imports it on new domain. Furthermore, it finds and replace URLs automatically in your site’s database. It provides zero downtime while transferring. 


  • Backup, push and pull your databases
  • Find & replace different data
  • Able to export your database
  • Works table-wise
  • Filter post types
  • Stores migration profiles  

Migrate Guru(Free)

Migrate-Guru WordPress migration plugin

Migrate Guru is the best WordPress migration plugin.  It is extremely easy to use and features one-click migration. That makes it one of the best WordPress migration plugins available so far. It also allows you to track the progress of migration and sends alerts in real time. It features seamless multisite support, hosting services compatible, user-friendly and so on. 


  • One-Click Migration
  • Compatible With All Hosting Services
  • Automatic Search and Replace Feature
  • User-Friendly
  • No Storage Space Required
  • Timely Alerts
  • Multisite support

Updraft Migrator(Premium)


Updraft Migrator is the safest and fasted way to migrate or clone your WordPress website to another domain. You can synchronizes database with cloud services like Dropbox. It allows you to easily backup, clone and migrate your website within few minutes. This premium plugin comes with many add-on and extensions free of cost.


  • Multisite compatibility
  • One-click clone tool
  • Cloud storage option
  • Database backup option
  • Awesome support


Thus, these are the list of best plugin migration Plugin for 2020. I hope you find it helpful to select the perfect website migration plugin for you. You can also follow us on Facebook and twitter.

Which plugin did you like the most? Please write us down in the comment section below. 

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