WordPress Guide: Best Reasons Why We Use WordPress

why we use wordpress

WordPress Guide: Best Reasons Why We Use WordPress

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why we use WordPress

Everyone had heard about the WordPress but most of them don’t even know “why we use WordPress“. If you’re unknown about WordPress then let’s start with the basic point so that it will make you more clear.

WordPress is an open-source content management system(CMS) to create a blog or website free. You can download, install, reuse and modify it. It is the most popular website builder software and blogging platforms.

Difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Basically, there are two types of WordPress and they are WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Read the difference between self-hosted WordPress.org and free WordPress.com in detail.

In a nutshell, WordPress.org is the self-hosted WordPress software where you can install on your own web host while creating a website. It is a free open source that you allow to customize your own website as your requirements.

WordPress.com is the most popular online publishing platform that offers free hosting but limits on the free plan.

Why we use WordPress?

So, what is WordPress used for?

WordPress is used for creating full-featured websites and functional applications. It is a free open source software which is one of the best blogging platforms in a worldwide. See the top best blogging platforms or sites.

Reasons why we use WordPress in the basis of following (Pros):

  • Free and Open Source Software

WordPress is free to use and open source where you are allowed to use or modify the available software as a free. It is a self-hosted software which required a host and it starts at around $3 per month otherwise all the downloading, installing, upgrading, using free themes and plugins without any costs which is the best key points for the beginners. The premium plans are also available but you can get the best products in a free version too.

  • Ease of use and learn

WordPress is the best source and easy to use for the beginners. In the forum community, you can get the WordPress problems solution. Mainly, the video or article tutorials are available more which makes easy to learn all about WordPress as fast as you can. The articles guides like how to install WordPress themes, how to start a WordPress blog, etc.

  • High Security and Support

WordPress is up-to-date in term of security. The security team works to identify and resolve security issues in the core software regularly. Till now it is supposedly quite secure and safe platform to create any kind of website. The best place for support is a forum community where you can learn, ask, share and troubleshoot any problems. Another is documentation where all about WordPress document links are available.

  • Expandable by Themes and Plugins

WordPress offers the various types of themes and plugins that help to expand your website. You can design by installing and activating the provided beautiful themes that look great on your site. There are more than 500 WordPress plugins are available such as SEO Optimization, Contact Form, etc. which is the most needed plugin for any website.

  • SEO-Friendly

SEO-Friendly is one of the powerful features of WordPress. WordPress is already SEO-friendly in the basis of design but you can do it even in a better way on your website by using WordPress SEO plugin. Yoast SEO plugin is the most popular plugin for any WordPress site. WordPress itself generates the title tags and meta description in every page and post. You can see the difference between pages and posts in WordPress.

Every good thing has a bad side. Similarly, WordPress has the good thing which is already explained above now let’s move on to the bad side.

Reasons why not to use WordPress (Cons):-

  • Open-Source have both good and bad aspects. The good one already mentions but the demerits is that being open-source chances are high that sites are prone to hacks.
  • Security is important but according to the user’s, they are facing the security updates problems which are not compatible with the current plugins. This may cause the serious issues on your website.
  • You must be responsible for backups. The customs layout can be customized but it is hard to manage which you can not easily accessible as you want on your website.

Wrapping Up

WordPress is the world’s most famous versatile platform. In this article, we have described reasons why we use WordPress and why not to use WordPress. Hope it will make you more clear.

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